What is Hospital Cube

Presenting a key part of medication use system, Hospital Cube is an intelligent appliance for medication dispensing and storing under controlled conditions. The appliance provides secure area in which medications are stored according to storage standards and prevented with secure access from unauthorized individuals. It represents improved system as a step toward the process standardization and adoption of normative standards in healthcare sector.

Why was it made

Idea about Hospital Cube was born through conversation with healthcare market. Hospitals and medical institutions around the world are in need for automated systems for control of their medications and medical equipment. We have realized a need to find an automated solution for resolving the obstacles that hospitals and medical institutions are facing in everyday operations and which could help in accurate and effective control and monitoring of medications.

Hospital Cube
75% hospitals agreed: „medication shortages are having a negative impact on patient care”.
Not storing medications under proper conditions leads to damaged or expired medications resulting with medication shortages and delayed patient care.
No real-time stock tracking of medications. Improper control and monitoring process of medications.
Unauthorized access, dispensing and manipulation of medications.
The biggest problem is improper storage of medications.
Huge operating costs in expired and unused medications.

European Business AwardsVideo Presentation

  • Croatian productFirst such solution on Croatian territory.
  • Dispensing securityThrough finger print identification and access control.
  • Quality persistenceThrough hermetically sealed environment.
  • ERP synchronizationWith existing IT infrastructure and business information system.
  • Real-time stock trackingTimely notification of minimum quantities.
  • Security and protection system24/7 monitoring and reporting.
  • In-house security systemUnauthorized device manipulation reported to dedicated persons.
The need for medication release
Authorized person comes to Hospital Cube device
Access control and identification
Fingerprint authentication via fingerprint readeroptional: access control with a magnetic card or personal password
Medication dispensing
Transaction database update


  • Housing
    • Dimensions
      Width: 900 mmDepth: 700 mmHeight: 1900 mm
    • Device is made from high quality galvanized sheet electrostatically coated with antibacterial paint
    • Anti-vandal
    • Safety glass
    • Micro-regulation for enclosure leveling
  • Application
    • IT administrative processes carried out through central server
    • Business processes administred through central server using web interface
    • Windows platform
    • Built-in security for uninterruptible power supply

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